My experience of working in this field is diverse. I see clients in private practice as well as for the NHS and the voluntary sector. I work with people presenting with a complex history of trauma who hold very disempowering beliefs about life and themselves as well as people who experience less disabling forms of mental distress and yet might be going through a breakdown of some kind. People who find themselves stuck, lost meaning in their life, struggle with relationships, misplaced a sense of who they are.

I work with trauma

I work with anger

I work with parents. I invite them to look into that intensely transformative experience which parenthood can be. I facilitate an open enquiry into less known aspects of self, responses and behaviours which might manifest as people become parents and the guilt and shame they often harbour.

I work with couples. This another type of experience which can be transformative, push and pull boundaries  confronting our defences and ingrained responses coomunication